Self Doubt: The Enemy of Creativity


I’ve been stalling a bit lately (in spite of the fact that I’ve made some writing strides over the last week), primarily because I’m afraid of going forward into the uncharted territory that is the second half of my book. Up until this point, Ourselves and Others has remained a creative account of things that actually occurred in my life. From here on, though it will continue to be a piece of autobiographical fiction, I’ll branch out into some different circumstances that I have little to no experience with. I keep thinking, “What if I get something wrong?” or “What if this isn’t really what this is like, and everyone thinks I’m a fraud? What if I’m not able to write this as it should be written?” Self-doubt pounces on me whenever it can.

But everything can be written, if you’ve only got the guts to do it. Like every other writer who’s ever gone outside of his/her own experiences in a story (i.e. every writer that ever existed), I’ve simply got to believe in my own ability enough to try. If I try and fail, then so be it. At least I stepped past my boundaries and created something, which is more than I could say for myself if I stayed afraid.

Have any of you ever been afraid to write something you didn’t know much about? Did you let it stop you or did you press through and end up with something awesome? Let me know!

Today’s Prompt: Write a short story in which your main character moves to a different country. He/she arrives safely, only to have all his/her possessions stolen at the airport/bus station/etc. The character now is all alone in a new place, has nothing, and there’s no going back. What happens?

Happy Writing!



10 thoughts on “Self Doubt: The Enemy of Creativity

  1. That’s actually how I’ve been feeling in writing my story, too. Afraid to go on and mess it up. And also the thought has occurred to me, I’m writing about some things I don’t know. What if I get that wrong? Well, like you said, I just gotta keep plodding (or plotting) on and not let the fear get the best of me. I know that you of all people have what it takes and you have such a great imagination that, now that you’re are stepping past the experiential, you can go beyond and fill the rest in with such wonderful, unexpected treasures. That’s the fun part, right?

    Take care,
    your hubband

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  2. Just keep going and write from the soul. I love reading your work. You have nothing to fear! I wrote from my soul and what I learned throughout my life and have finally sent in my full manuscript. My deadline was a couple days ago …now fear has been hitting hard. I’m struggling with the after affects. But my story needs telling, not just for others but for me. You have been very encouraging to me. I’m not a perfect writer yet …lol. But I plan to keep on learning. A great story is one that comes from the heart and soul, even in its imperfection. :)

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  3. You must be reading my mind or something! I’m also about halfway through the first draft of my second novel, approaching a MAJOR change of storyline with a bunch of new characters/situations, and I’m handcuffed by the fear that I won’t be able to make the transition credibly and move on to the next level. Thanks for a most insightful and relevant post.

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