Pulling from Your Writing Drawer (Quote of the Day)

A decade ago, something happened to me. It was an important thing: something that affected my life greatly. It’s clear to me that writing about this subject could benefit those who might read what I have to say, and I know enough about it to write on it effectively. But I’ve never been able to begin. Why?

Because the experience, to put it mildly, traumatized me. Things that shape your life have a funny way of being horrible (or the exact opposite). There was never an in-between event that really made a difference in someone’s life. It’s always either terrible or fantastic. For me, it was the former. So this story is in the drawer because it’s too emotional still. With the utmost certainty I can say that I will write about it someday. In fact, working on a novel based on another terrible time in my life, I can actually see that “someday” approaching. Writing this story is growing and preparing me for writing that other story. But until I get there, it’ll stay in the drawer, where it can’t hurt anyone.

Do you have any stories in the drawer? Why are they there and what do you think it would take to get them out?

Today’s Prompt: Look into your drawer. Is there a story there waiting to be written? Write a brief outline for it and answer these questions:

  • Do you know how the story ends?
  • If so, what’s keeping you from writing it?
  • If not, is that keeping you from writing it or is there something else?

Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “Pulling from Your Writing Drawer (Quote of the Day)

  1. I to have a story in the drawer. My story is a hard one. Filled with a lot of hate and depression. It has been a major mountain that is hard to climb. My story has not ended, but I’m fighting to continue forward. I want to share the love I found within myself in my dark trials. Bringing light from darkness.
    I also have found that writing, telling my story, has brought a lot of healing. It was a step by step process for me.
    One day, I will write my story…

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