Quote of the Day—Ernest Hemingway

Right now I love this quote. Since my current novel is largely based on experiences I actually had, I constantly have to find the balance between sharing enough and sharing too much. Hemingway offers a good reminder to writers here (especially writers of semi autobiographical fiction): avoid getting too caught up in the details and just focus on telling a good story—even if you have to omit certain aspects.

Have you ever written anything based on your own life? How did you express your memories without going overboard?

Today’s prompt: Write a short, fictional story based on personal experience, keeping in mind Hemingway’s quote.

Leave your story in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day—Ernest Hemingway

  1. I’ve always loved that Hemingway quote. He had an eye for subtlety, his was a simple but powerful style of writing. I might just try that prompt again haha

    It’s too cold to get up just yet. There’s no sunlight just yet. Still too early. I feel my hands, they’re numb. I hadn’t slept for the last few hours with a bedsheet. No warmth from the blankets. They’re huddled at my feet. I grab them and drape them over my body.
    I check the phone. Same text. I close all my applications. I resist the urge to check my phone again.
    It’s still too cold to get out of bed. I try to get more sleep. No sleep to be found. I check my phone again, dammit I promised myself I wouldn’t do that.
    It’s been thirty minutes. The time had passed so slowly yet so fast. I don’t open messages. I shut the phone off.
    It’s too cold to get out of bed just yet. The sheet’s are warmer now. The temptation to stay in bed strengthens. I’m all comfortable here.
    The whole day lies on the other side of comfort.
    It’s still too cold. A little while longer.
    Not just yet. Not just yet.
    I’m warm now, yet still I shiver.

    Just another attempt at these prompts for some reason they’re giving me some inspiration

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    • I like your writing! I’m personally a fan of more simplistic, straightforward writing. I see the value in more “flowery” styles too, but I would rather read less flowery pieces.

      I’m glad the prompts are helpful! :)

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      • Awesome thank you! Yeah I know what you mean I usually look for more flowery writing in poetry and sometimes shorter stories but I prefer more straightforward writing like Hemingway’s in novels especially


      • I feel exactly the same way. To me that narrative style isn’t typically that sustainable. When I come upon a novel that has super long, overly poetic descriptions, I find myself scanning the pages looking for the next bit of dialogue or action. Not a good sign!

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