theforestsendLike everyone in the isolated country of Caigne, Griffin has always believed there is no escape from the immortal Seven Kings. But when he and his comrades dare to travel deep into the cursed forest that surrounds their homeland, they discover something their tyrannical rulers never wanted to be found: the forest’s end.

Burdened with a sense of responsibility for his fellow countrymen and a deep yearning for freedom, Griffin begins to secretly lead Caignians to the mountainous country on the other side of the woods. Drawn to a mysterious girl who joins his band of refugees, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a tangled web of secrets, lies and magic that has haunted Caigne for generations. As Griffin learns more about the girl, the Seven Kings and himself, he quickly discovers that the forest’s end is only the beginning.

* * *

There’s the (very) general synopsis I’ve been promising you all. I’ve now finished my first edit and will be sending copies off to my wonderful group of beta readers soon. I’m hoping to begin sending query letters within the next couple months, which is so exciting (as you probably guessed). I’ll be posting about the process as I go forward, so stay tuned for updates!

In Love and Christ,

PS– Let me know what you think! I love your feedback. :)


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