The Edit Headache

Well, as many of you know from yesterday, I finished writing my first novel recently and have now moved on to the revision/editing phase. Yesterday I did a first edit of chapters 1-3. I still have a headache this morning! Just kidding. So far this process has been… enlightening, eye-opening, extremely tedious, and has kind of made me want to give up writing altogether. It’s like I’m in a battle between “this stinks! I should throw away the whole story!” and “no, this is actually good; I think I’ll keep it.”

But the good news is that I’ve finally come up with a title! Now just to work on that synopsis I’ve been promising to write…

What about you other authors? What’s your best advice on editing (or how not to have a mental breakdown in the midst of it)? I’m taking any and all suggestions!

In Love and Christ,


5 thoughts on “The Edit Headache

  1. Congratulations on you finish writing your novel!!! I am so happy for you!! I know it will be a great success!! ! I definitely will be checking back here to view your great advice and suggestions!!!


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