Where You Go, I Go

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Go to iTunes and put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up (250 words or less).The first song that played for me was “Where You Go I Go” by Jesus Culture. I figured there was a pretty good chance of landing on a worship song since about 90% of our iTunes is worship music. I also thought it would be difficult to write a story based on a worship song. I was right! That being said, I’m glad it was this particular song. I feel very strongly about the ideas expressed in it, and I definitely identify. The song and lyrics are in the video below; give it a listen and then read the story. Or vice-versa. Whatever floats your boat. :)

In Love and Christ,

Ten pairs of arms reached for her as she stood in the driveway. Ten goodbyes were said. Tears dripped from the tips of ten sniffling noses. She looked into ten pairs of eyes and saw ten sad smiles. They were supportive of her of course, but also sad; worried; uncertain. They didn’t know when, if ever, they would see her again or if she would be safe. And as she searched each of their eyes she heard their silent question: “Are you sure?”

People would say that she could still turn back, but it wasn’t true; not knowing what she knew. There was no alternative; and no matter what happened she wouldn’t want it any other way. Staying could be an option, but how could she expect to walk in a direction He didn’t want her to go? Surrender was the only way. She was sure.

She climbed with her small bag into the back of the waiting taxi, which soon began to move. She reached for the worn map tucked in her bag. As she unfolded it her eye immediately fell there: where He was going; where He was calling her to go. She didn’t know if she would return. All she knew was that she had to follow. Touching the battered map with her fingertips she breathed deeply and whispered, “Where You go, I go; where You stay, I stay, God. Help me to follow you.”

And even as she said it, she knew He always would.


Kharis Courtney ©2013

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