Coming Home

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 9: Write a story in 250 words or less about your favorite city. I thought this one would be hard, but really it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I guess I had a good subject! Generally I don’t like cities so I chose to do my favorite place/town instead: St. Simons Island, Georgia. I’m a Louisiana girl, but the first part of my life was lived in St. Simons and it’s like another home to me. My family goes back every year and I always leave feeling like I’d rather stay. So here’s a very short story about the most beautiful place on earth.

In Love and Christ,

The sky is layered with dusky purple over the soft coral that reminds me only of the ocean. In the morning twilight, the sand is grey beneath our feet and we tread through it near the water’s edge, leaving just fleeting evidence of our presence. The impressions of bare soles and naked toes will soon be washed away and it will be as though we never came. But we will come tomorrow and leave them once again.

Shells and pebbles lay littered on the shore like tiny stars that fell when dawn came. The fingers of the ocean creep up, reclaiming some, leaving some, and casting others out. Ahead, pools are left in the sand like limbs severed from the greater body. They are full of life and also temporary; in a few hours they will vanish like our footprints.

We reach East Beach just as the sun breaks the horizon. Its broken reflection glimmers on the water and tosses in the waves. We sit in the sand that is slowly turning golden, letting it cling to bare legs like this place clings to our hearts. As we watch, the sun climbs higher; birds come out of hiding; trees stretch towards the sun with gnarled arms and so do we.

This is our place and our time–this island, this beach at sunrise. This is what we left behind, but could never leave for long. And even though our lives are elsewhere, right now, right here… This is coming home.

Kharis Courtney ©2013

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7 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. That was beautiful. The picture is breathtaking and your words give such perfect imagery. You should be proud of this peace. It’s worthy of being submitted somewhere, seriously.


    • Thank you! I’ve thought about submitting some of my stuff, but I guess I don’t know where to begin. I was published in some newspapers and stuff when I was a teenager, but that was a while ago now… But I’m definitely going to try to figure it out!


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