The Black Shot and Dr. Slumber

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 7: Create a superhero. Have he/she save the day. I’M ALMOST LATE! That means no thoughtful message this time. :)

In Love and Christ,

It was a Monday morning like any other in Robusta City: at 8 AM citizens everywhere flooded the streets and sidewalks to begin the daily grind. Hats tipped, voices said hello, and heads nodded as people passed by other people on their way to work. Doughnut carts and newspaper stands boomed with business and the sun peeked over Caffton tower, just high enough to begin heating up the day. Yep, just another Monday… or so they thought.

As the minute hand of Caffton Tower’s massive clock crept closer to 9, strange things began happening. From out of nowhere a green haze descended upon Robusta City. At first it seemed the haze had no effect other than making one extremely warm. Then people began to get so warm that they were reminded of the warm beds they had left not long ago and they wondered if it would be so bad to call in to work– just this once. No, it wouldn’t be so bad, they thought. But before they could manage to get a call in, something else happened: their legs grew weak and their heads grew fuzzy. The haze began to overtake them and one by one all the people of Robusta City fell– asleep, that is.

Bodies still as corpses (apart from the occasional snore) lined the sidewalks. The sound of crunching metal rang out through the air as sleeping drivers crashed into one another. Robusta City was but a battlefield of dreams and wreckage. From the top of Caffton tower, Dr. Slumber laughed sinisterly. Robusta City would now be his to control. With all the people stuck in dreamland, he could have whatever he wanted– money, diamonds, an endless supply of Nyquil. Would they wake up? Sure. But only after he had reprogrammed their brains with his Dream Ray. He could create dreams so real that everyone would believe they had really happened. It would be perfect.

“Who will save you now, Robusta City?” Dr. Slumber cackled to no one in particular (especially since no one could hear him).

“I will!” came a thunderous voice from behind him. Dr. Slumber turned around to discover his foe, though he was already certain it was…

“The Black Shot!” he cried menacingly.

“That’s right, Dr. Slumber! Did you think you could just come in here and anesthetize the good people of Robusta City on my watch? Think again!”

Dr Slumber narrowed his eyes in contempt at the man who had foiled his plans over and over again. He was dressed all in black with a thin mask over his eyes. A belt of silver espresso cups clinked warningly around his waist and a menacing red tumbler hung at his side.

“Lift the haze, Dr. Slumber, or else,” The Black Shot demanded.

“Never! Robusta City is mine, you overcaffeinated nitwit!”

The Black Shot stepped towards Dr. Slumber, but suddenly stopped and inhaled deeply. “What is that?”

“What?” Dr. Slumber said.

“I think I smell justice brewing!” The Black Shot said triumphantly as he pulled the tumbler from his belt and unleashed a spray of pure fury (otherwise known as steaming hot espresso) onto the evil doctor.

“Agh!” he cried, covering his face, “Not coffee! Anything but coffee!”

“No one’s sleeping in today!” The Black Shot said, still shooting espresso at the doctor, “Not on my watch!”

The doctor lunged for his dream ray and fired it straight at The Black Shot, but he was too slow. The hero leapt out of the way just before the green ray hit him. Hiding in shadow behind a peak of Caffton Tower, the Black Shot watched Dr. Slumber carefully. He couldn’t let the doctor tranquilize him. If he did, Robusta City would be lost.

“Where are you, Black Shot? Afraid of a little nap, are you?”

The Black Shot pressed himself further into the shadows as Dr. Slumber came closer.

“Come out, come out wherever you are…”

The doctor was nearly right in front of him now. This was his chance. Quickly, the Black Shot whipped out a coffee filter and threw it on the ground in front of his nemesis. Not noticing, Dr. Slumber stepped on it, slipped, and went flying. Just as he was about to hit the ground, a torrent of exploding espresso beans were hurled at him, burning him and causing him to pass out.

The Black Shot came out of the shadows and stood over Dr. Slumber. “Justice is served. Bitter, isn’t it?” he said. Then using a chain of fortified Java Jackets, he tied the sleeping doctor to the very top of the tower. With Dr. Slumber slumbering himself, the haze began to lift from Robusta City. The Black Shot overlooked the streets with a satisfied smile on his face, but his work wasn’t done. There was one more thing he had to take care of: the people.

Downing a shot of espresso from his belt, he went around the city caffeinating each person one by one. The moment he held his tumbler full of steaming coffee beneath their noses, they awoke from their trance. Within the hour, Robusta City was restored to it’s former, totally awake, glory.

As The Black Shot watched the police take his drowsy enemy away, he drank one last shot. “Ah!” he said, “the taste of victory!”

The handcuffed Dr. Slumber sneered. “You reek of coffee, Black Shot. I can smell you from here.”

Empowered by his coffee he turned to fly away, but looked back one last time and said smoothly, “I’ll take that as a compliment… Thanks a latté.”


Kharis Courtney ©2013

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